These people make brands and communication.

Effective communication for brands and companies requires experience, empathy and creative exchange. balleywasl* has been bringing people together so they can share their knowledge and know-how to create ideas that lead to effective measures and campaigns since 1989.



balleywasl team albert wasl

Albert Wasl
Founder and Managing Partner

  • Over 30 years experience in consulting for national and international companies, organisations and associations in marketing, advertisement and communications
  • Positions in radio and new media
  • 1989 foundation of balleywasl*
  • Operative involvement in agencies in Dubai and New York
  • Way too curious to settle on one branch
  • Sparring partner of the management due to his distinct entrepreneurial thinking

Gumri-Maria Nrecaj
Senior Consultant / Leadership

Maria has more than 20 years of international experience in Design and Marketing. She has lead diverse activation campaigns both economically and visually for brands like Knorr, Rama Cremefine, Mondamin, Hellmann´s, Langnese, Monkey 47, ABSOLUT Vodka and many more. Therefore, she offers our clients a wide range of knowledge and is always available to advise them.

She leads and supports the team together with Albert Wasl and makes sure that our ideas transform into image-building and promotional actions, that get stuck into our minds.

Julia Molina Romero balleywasl team

Julia Molina Romero

Art Director

balleywasl team Anja Hummel

Anja Hummel

Senior Account Manager

balleywasl team Annika Baindl

Annika Baindl

Marketing Manager

balleywasl team marie luis mühlbach

Marie-Louis Mühlbach

Art Director (in parental leave)

balleywasl team franziska runge

Franziska Runge

Art Director

balleywasl team Stefanie Hecht

Stefanie Hecht

Art Director

balleywasl team Bianca Oeller

Bianca Oeller

Senior Copy Writer / Editor

balleywasl team Sonja Stevanovic

Sonja Stevanovic

Senior Account Director

balleywasl team angela wasl

Angela Wasl

Financial Controller ppa.

balleywasl team christoph odendahl

Christoph Odendahl

Senior Project Manager Digital (intertain)

xiuqing fan

Xiuqing Fan

Business Relations Greater China

balleywasl team barbara dusch

Barbara Dusch

Art Director

balleywasl* Team Eva Rott

Eva Maria Rott

Senior Art Director

balleywasl Team Valentina Goneger

Valentina Goneger

Project Manager / Office Management

Team balleywasl Anja Flieda Fritzsche

Anja Flieda Fritzsche

Art Director / Editorial Design

Team Anja Reinhardt

Anja Reinhardt

Head of Content & PR

Team balleywasl Salika Glattkowski

Salika Glattkowski

Hospitality Consultant (Hamburg)

Kelly Falkenberg

Kelly Falkenberg

Office Management

Michael Odendahl team balleywasl

Michael Odendahl

Managing Partner (intertain GmbH)

Juli Wau

Juli Wau

Security Officer