Effective communication for brands and companies requires experience, empathy and creative exchange. BALLEYWASL brings people together to share their knowledge and to create ideas that lead to effective measures and campaigns since 1989.


balleywasl team albert wasl

Albert Wasl
Founder and Managing Partner

More than 30 years of experience in consulting national and international companies, organizations and associations in marketing, advertising and communication: with this background Albert Wasl is responsible for strategy and planning and is at the same time a creative initiator and copywriter. His entrepreneurial mindset and talent for identifying untapped potential make him a valued sparring partner for owners, board members and managers in owner-managed and medium-sized companies.

Florian Söllner
Senior Consultant Social Media / Team Lead Digital Communication

Florian is a senior consultant for all topics related to social media as well as team leader of our digital communication department. With Florian and his expertise, we have gained a valuable sparring partner who ensures the achievement of our goals both internally and externally with his deep understanding of all types of content, algorithms and ad managers. In addition, Florian is an ambitious driving force and pioneer for smart workflows, clear processes as well as new work models and thus ensures the continuous development of the agency.

Florian Team balleywasl
Valentina balleywasl team

Valentina Goneger

Project Manager / Office Management

balleywasl team Anja Hummel

Anja Hummel

Senior Account Manager

Daniela vom Team Balleywasl

Daniela Beck

Art Director

Marie from team balleywasl

Marie Lechner

Art Director

balleywasl team Annika Baindl

Andreas Potamitis

Digital Performance & SEO Content

Gabriella from Team balleywasl

Gabriella Katlan

Office Management

Linda from Team balleywasl

Linda Gallenberger

Social Media Manager

balleywasl team maria faraone

Lena Fath

Managerin Social Media & Content

balleywasl team angela wasl

Angela Wasl

Financial Controller ppa.

balleywasl team winning solutions

Christian Mäder and Nico Nagel

Winning Solutions


balleywasl team noah

Noah Lutz


Anja from Team balleywasl

Anja Reinhardt

Content & PR

Lea Mika

Lea Mika 

Strategic Planner

balleywasl Team Senior Art Director Philipp Steinmetz

Philipp Steinmetz

Senior Art Director UI/UX

Team balleywasl Juli

Juli Wau

Chillout Manager