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Packages with a lot of WOW

Some topics deserve special attention. Because they are drivers in marketing and sales, because they address special target groups or because they require special knowledge. We grow with every task we solve and can bring our expertise to bear for you. For more WOW, for rapid implementation and for predictable costs. Talk to us.

BALLEYWASL Werbeagentur München

We love paper, are a big fan of printed magazines and have won numerous awards for our customers. However, sales are made digitally and this is exactly where we now lead your customers and prospects. No media break, but digital transformation and distribution of what you want to tell and show about and with your company.

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Why is employer branding so difficult for so many companies? We looked for an answer to this and developed a strategic approach with which we take all of the company's stakeholders with us.
The term employer branding describes the positioning of a company as an employer - the formation of an attractive and differentiable employer brand.

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Text, video, explanatory film, podcast, blog, magazine ... the list of opportunities is long. The target group, the budget and the main goal determine their use. As directors, we are responsible for the common thread and quality, as producers we do everything – with our own skills and with the best partners. This creates what you pay for: top performance and impact.

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