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M*Ployer Branding

With a method for Employer Brands

Why are so many companies struggling with Employer Branding? We searched for an answer to this question and we developed a strategic approach, where we consider all Stakeholders of a company. Striking and simple.

Our Method is created based on 5 core elements, that have one thing in common: they all start with the letter M… that´s why we have called it M*Ployer Branding.

One Method, 5 elements, lots of efficiency and tons of impact.

The 5 core Elements are Motivation, Enjoyment, Courage, People and Action.

AKDB | Caritas | Probat Bau AG

    • Consulting 
    • Concept
    • Visual Language including Photoshooting
    • Production Management

    In Workshops we set Impulses - with a lot of empathy for the people and with an understanding of the company and their products and services. We consult and design. We do it strategically, with plenty of experience, seniority, and excitement. We initiate and accompany processes, set goals and KPI´s, and follow through with them. We enjoy what we are doing – this is our self-image.

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    The following Campaigns are examples that succeeded and gave results. They are most importantly simple, attractive, authentic and eye-catching. Create an idea and send it to us, if you want to get an invitation to a M*Ployer Branding Chemistry Meeting. Message me on albert.wasl(at) and I will call you back.

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    When the word „Institution” is put into a company´s name, motivated and dynamic Employees are usually not the first to join. But if you have a healthy self-awareness and don´t take yourself, but the job very seriously, then the word becomes a radiant power. We demanded this courage from AKDB and searched for motivated employees, who love the job at AKDB and enjoy telling others that they are working at an „Institution“. A campaign has been created in which the public law Company neither hides nor bends but shows a surprising freshness to itself. A big thank you to the employees that have taken part in the project.

    balleywasl employer branding akdb
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    The photoshoot took place in the AKDB premises and took two days: from trainee to sales manager, the different work experiences and groups have been photographed and shown in the campaign.

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    The claim of Caritas Oberbayern - a social service with almost 9.000 employees - is „Close. The closest “. People are working in every Corner and end – in elderly care, childcare, volunteering, and many other areas. The challenge: a main idea for the Employer Branding, that all the business areas can use while searching for employees. A campaign with only pictures and Images seemed obsolete, because with pictures you cannot present a natural differentiation from the fellow competitors. Our idea: a creative word-play based on the claim and a strong visualization. This way „Human. Exactly my thing.“ has been created. This struck out far beyond the borders of Oberbayern and presented Caritas Oberbayern der Erzdiöse München und Freising in a modern light as an employer.

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    The Probat Bau AG is growing while the competition for the best employees in the booming construction industry is heating up. While the company has reached the first league of middle-sized companies in terms of sales and earnings, the advertising was still playing in the second league and successful employer searching was even below that. The new marketing presence, developed by us, balleywasl, was followed by an Employer Branding campaign. The countless construction sites alone offer many possibilities to put a campaign effectively into the spotlight, so the main task was to make it eye-catching. We have used the company´s name and rebranded the logo to a key visual. The message for the employees willing to change: if you have not only the professional skills but also power and passion, you are the perfect fit for Probat. We wish them a lot of success when using the motive!

    ballewasl employer branding probat
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    The photoshoot has been created with the Probat Bau AG employees to show the employee culture of the Company.

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