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The best way towards a strong employer brand

Why is employer branding so difficult for so many companies? We have developed a strategic approach to pick up all projects to make your company the employer of choice.

Employer Positioning


The main element in developing an employer brand is a positioning profile for us. This ist he DNA of an employer brand. Personnel marketing with all campaigns, websites, videos, brochures or job advertisements is based on this.


Every brand, every person and every company is positioned and differentiates itself based on certain characteristics. It is no different with employers. Whether intentionally or not - if you don't position yourself, you will be positioned.


EVP - Employer Value Proposition

In order to build a strong employer brand, we identify the characteristics of our employer in advance and translate them into a precise employer promise. The EVP should summarize complex content and communicate it in an understandable way. Soft factors such as recognition, transparency, leadership and social interaction are just as important as remuneration or occupational health management.


A successful employer brand presents your employer characteristics authentically, is attractive for the relevant target groups and stands out from the profile of the competitors



In order to create an authentic and likeable impression of an employer with pictures, we make shootings with real employees in their work environment. A consistent visual language is important for employer branding.

Activation Campaign

Out-of-home is the most classic way of external communication of an employer brand. The corporate design and identity is also seen in the communication measures.

When creating an employer brand, it is important to take into account
that this should always be considered part of the corporate brand.

Social Media Campaign

Being active in social media channels is essential in order to reach the audience.

As usual it's not just about doing the right things, but to do things right.

Employer Value Proposition

A successful employer branding strategy is based on identification with the company and their characteristics. The aim is to build up a valuable basis of trust for the own employees and to work out the intrinsic motivation. With the Employer Value Proposition, needs and values are successfully reconciled to strengthen the brand and the company.

The Narrative in Words and in Pictures

Interesting and emotionalizing content in employee and talent communication is the key to successful employer branding. We locate employees and corporate culture in the content creation. The reason is, that the ideas, that your amployees create are more authentic and better heard by existing and future colleagues.

Courage to Genuine Creation

Creativity is a success factor in communication - also with the internal audience. We develop creative and courageous concepts with potential to go viral that stands out from clichés and your competitors. With sophisticated visuals, photography and wording employees are enthusiastic about the idea and attitude of your business.

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