Brand and CD - digital und analogue

BALLEYWASL combines digital and analogue brand competence

Brands differentiate companies, products or services from one another. They highlight the differences in competition. They convey identity and offer orientation. They show character and personality and they ensure recognisability in highly competitive markets.

Today a brand must primarily work digitally. Similar to how websites are developed "mobile first", we first conceive the digital features for brands and corporate design and then adapt them to print. We can support and accompany you with

  • the modernisation of your market presence and corporate design
  • strategic reorientation, e.g. in the course of a merger or generation change
  • the visualisation and implementation of your purpose
  • the optimisation of the brand experience along the customer journey
  • the redesign and relaunch of your communication modules from digital to analogue

You get all this from a well-rehearsed team with analytical and strategic competence and excellent consulting and implementation.

Four steps to an excellent result

Every brand is only as good as its architecture and statics

We see companies and organisations as individual characters. Their characteristics form the corporate identity. This can be experienced through the visual appearance (Corporate Design), the language (Tone of Voice) and the behaviour of their actors (Corporate Behaviour). The brand and the brand design are reflected in the self-image, the values and the purpose of a company.

Our contribution follows a logic and the demands. If you have already developed phase 1 and 2 on your own, we will take over phase 3 and 4.

Phase 1: Brand Check

We optimise the interaction of all disciplines

In every organisation, self-image, values and objectives form the essential basis for operational activities. However, there is not always and not at all levels a consensus on what is meant by these in detail. Therefore the definition of a brand profile is the basis for every design process. That is why we recommend a preparatory workshop to define the brand profile:

  • Definition of identity, brand and design
  • Brand core, brand goals and values
  • Brand relevance, target groups and competition
  • Brand tonality, self-image and desired external image
  • Communication channels and corporate design requirements

This workshop is the essential footing for the further elaboration and depth of the individual building blocks. Together we will work out the basics to develop a supporting brand architecture for the existing entrepreneurial activities and for the further development, on which all measures are based.

Phase 2: Strategy

Development of the brand story

In the brand profile, self-conception, values and goals are defined. It forms the strategic basis for all aspects of corporate or product communication. Only if this profile, which we can also call a corporate personality, is communicated consistently via the linguistic messages, the behaviour of the employees and via the design, does a coherent picture emerge in the viewer's mind: the external image or also image.

1. Brand core
Performance promise, unique selling proposition

2. Brand values
Type and nature of services and products, stance

3. Brand relevance
Market position, target groups, competition, mission/purpose

4. Brand tonality
Appearance, charisma, look & feel


Phase 3: Design

The basic elements of Corporate Design

Signs, shapes, colours, fonts and imagery have specific characteristics which adequately express the corporate identity and the desired tonality. Basic CD elements are created as style-forming, visual elements of the corporate identity, which can be found on all media, from business cards to websites and signposts, thus ensuring a consistent appearance.

  • Word / figurative mark (logo / signet)
  • Colour scheme, colour climate
  • Typography, Fonts, Type-Kits
  • Style elements such as shapes, icons, infographics, pictograms
  • Visual language for photos and moving images

Phase 4: Realisation

The implementation and application of the basic elements of corporate design

  • Business equipment from business cards to e-mail signatures to presentation design
  • Digital media such as website, newsletter and social media
  • Print media such as brochure, annual report, magazine, product information
  • Analogue and digital ads, for products and personnel

All together we document in a brand manual or style guide and provide master files and templates in your marketing cloud.

The website is the central medium in corporate communications. The spectrum ranges from information on the Internet to complex portal offers. The content specifications determine the functionality, from which structure and design follow.

In addition to the website, newsletters and apps offer a wide range of possibilities in digital content marketing.

We love the power of SMEs

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