Pros & Cons.

The fitting paper and the fitting printing house belong to a good magazine just like a good tone belongs to social life. And this generally makes the music – or in our case, the wonderful symphony of paper, quality and producing a magazine.

It quickly became clear to us that we do not consider printing Bla? Bla! in an online printing store. Despite them increasing their quality of printing, expanding their range of papers to a considerable selection and simply being the unbeatable price-performance winner in one or the other project. Online printing yes or no? This question is often asked and is quick to answer:

A small no when it comes to high paper quality, print finishes or individual techniques – Things that you can see in the magazine that you are holding in your hands. For those qualities it is simply essential to be close to the printer, to discuss paper quality, grammage, format, color application, finishing, etc. – to achieve the best possible result. In case of a small budget and standard print matters without a lot of frills, for advance or short runs, even from one piece – here is Online printing preferable. A conventional print shop, even with a digital printing offer, cannot keep up with the competitive prices, often outsourcing to online providers to stay in the race at all. In this case, you can just drive the low-budget version and take care of everything yourself: Printing Online: cheap, uncompromising, fast.



So it cannot be generalized. Depending on the project and the appropriate workmanship, and of course on your quality demands, it should be clarified beforehand what the right production method is. Weight the pros and cons rationally and it's best if you think about it already when the idea is at ist core – then you will get what you want. And this way you will save money and time – and – therefore you will be happy with the result you get.