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Who we are

Competency, creativity, experience

We’re a solid team of genuine communication professionals. Consultancy, content and design – everything stems from a foundation of competency, creativity and decades of experience. Representing an efficient combination of consulting company, design studio, advertising agency, public relations firm and publishing house, balleywasl* brings a lot to your table. 


An overview of our service spectrum

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From corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises

With balleywasl*, you’ll find yourself in good company. Our clients cover the entire sector spectrum and include corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and local authorities. Be they leaders in their respective international markets, quiet achievers or niche exploiters – they all have one thing in common: a demand for creative, efficient and successful communication services.


Brand communication from Bavaria

Creativity requires the right mindset – and the right setting! In our case, this means Munich’s lively Sendling district. This is where we feel at home, the comfort zone from which we can concentrate on conquering the challenges our clients must meet if they’re marketing measures are to be successful. It’s a place of creative thinking, interactive collaboration, viable development and realistic realisation.        

Munich is the pool from which we draw the talents necessary to enrich our team and execute your tasks. Bavaria’s capital oozes a kind of irresistible energy, an almost tangible force that empowers the soul, giving flight to the kind of contagious creativity needed to stand out amongst the crowd. It’s a place where the past and the present meet to drive headlong into the future. A place where ideas can soar without losing sight of solid ground. With its magnificent parks, wonderful winding river, endless blue skies and nearby alps, broadening one’s horizons is a daily affair for Munich’s residents. It’s a mindset from which our clients benefit.