PREFERRED PARTNERS - stronger together

Special tasks require special skills. The BALLEYWASL PREFERRED PARTNERS are proven specialists in their field. They fit in with us not only because of their expertise, but also because we share values such as inspiration, ambition, quality and reliability. That is why our cooperation is characterised by a sense of community, respect and friendship.


OnlineBirds are market leaders in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads (SEA) and our preferred partner in this segment. With the award-winning Hotel Digital Score, interested hoteliers can receive an initial analysis of five basic areas of online marketing in just a few minutes.


STROMBERGER PR is one of the leading PR agencies in the hotel and tourism sectors. Carmen Stromberger and Albert Wasl share many years of experience and a common understanding of quality. It goes without saying that a PR agency must be able to deal with social media and influencers today. In addition, being able to add personal contact to the editorial offices of relevant print media distinguishes our partner agency from many others.